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Nursing On-Boarding

Nursing Orientation at Methodist Health

All new employees will receive two days of general Hospital orientation to assist both the experienced and inexperienced employee to provide successful integration into the work setting. During this initial phase of orientation, the focus is on general hospital introduction and orientation to benefits, techniques of proper lifting for back protection, tour of the facility, infection control, safety, emergency codes and the Hospital mission. We are committed to your success and want to foster the best on boarding experience possible.

Nursing Staff On Boarding

The nursing staff on boarding consists of five additional days in the classroom followed by unit orientation where the new Methodist Health nurse will work with an assigned Preceptor or Qualified Reviewer for several weeks. The length of this training will be dependent upon the nurse's position, experience level and assigned unit(s). Specialty areas will require additional training. The focus of the unit orientation is unit-specific competencies and to provide the nurse with patient care opportunities that enable them to demonstrate competence.

Preceptor/Qualified Reviewer

The Nursing Preceptor/Qualified Reviewer at Methodist Health plays a significant role in the competency development and job satisfaction of the new nursing employee. The Preceptor Program exists to support the new nursing employee in his or her transition into the workplace. This program also supports Methodist Health's mission, values and commitment to quality healthcare for all patients.

Training for the Preceptor Program includes:

  • Role Responsibilities
  • Characteristics of a Good Preceptor
  • Principles of adult learning
  • Methods of competency evaluations
  • Guidelines for providing feedback
  • Helping new nurses overcome reality shock
  • Time management