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Swing Bed Recovery Program for Transitional Care

Swing Bed Recovery Program for Transitional Care
By Lynn Renee Steinwachs, Vice President/Administrator at Methodist Health Union County

While there is no place like home, there are times when a person recovering from an illness, stroke or surgery no longer needs acute care but is not ready or able to return to the home environment. Even if the patient’s insurance says he or she no longer qualifies for acute care, another sub-acute, transitional level of care is available at Methodist Health Union County — the Swing Bed Recovery Program — where patients can continue their recovery and make progress toward regaining independence.

What is the Swing Bed Recovery program all about?
Methodist Health Union County’s Swing Bed Recovery Program is a Medicare certified skilled nursing and rehabilitation program that is also called transitional care. Our team approach brings together physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, dietitians, speech and respiratory therapists and social services staff to deliver treatment plans tailored to each patient’s recovery goals.

What types of services are offered through the Swing Bed Recovery Program?
The Swing Bed Recovery Program can assist patients recovering from major surgery, major accident, heart attack or stroke, joint replacement, vascular or abdominal procedures or end stage renal disease. Other patients may require pulmonary rehabilitation, infusion therapy, end of life pain management, nutritional therapy or have wounds that are not healing or need special care.

Who qualifies for admission?
There is no upper or lower age limit to admitting a patient to the Swing Bed Program. Methodist Health Union County accepts Medicare, Kentucky Medicaid, private pay and most types of insurance plans.

How are patients referred to the Swing Bed Recovery Program?
Admissions are handled through the Case Management Department at 270-389-5135. Marie White or Shannon Bowles will be happy to discuss the discharge planning process, including transfers to Methodist Health Union County for skilled nursing and/or rehabilitation on our Swing Bed transitional care unit, located at 4604 US Highway 60 West in Morganfield.

Lynn Renee Steinwachs, MS, BS, LNHA, is Vice President/Administrator at Methodist Health Union County.