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Emily Smith named Spirit of Excellence, October 2017

Emily Smith named Spirit of Excellence, October 2017

Emily Smith, Registered Dietitian, Prevention and Wellness Services, began her career at Methodist Health on September 14, 2015. Just a few months earlier, she had graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in dietetics where she also completed a coordinated internship in her field, which allowed her to participate in three rotations — food service, community and clinical — in sites across Kentucky. “I was able to do my undergraduate and internship all in one program,” she explained.

In her position as a dietitian, Smith enjoys providing nutrition counseling on weight loss, diabetes and healthy eating to outpatients. She also helps Prevention and Wellness Services nurses with corporate wellness, health fairs and community events, including the Better Bites program. She is also a certified personal trainer.

“Since I’m type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at age 3, I especially enjoy working with newly diagnosed diabetics, helping them to know it’s a disease they can live with and one that can be managed,” Smith said. “At age 18, I also found out I have celiac disease, so I figured if I have to deal with nutrition so much in my personal life, I may as well make it my career!”

On being named October’s Spirit of Excellence, Smith says she was very surprised. “All the people I work with are so sweet and have made my first job so special. I thank them for their encouragement with this award.”

“Emily is exceptional in every way, tirelessly working with patients, co-workers and offering time in the community to help everyone. She not only teaches others about how to better their lives with diet and exercise but lives this as well. She has compassion for all patients and goes above and beyond normal duties. She was asked by a co-worker to talk with a young adult female about a new diagnosis. She met her at her home on her own time and spent quite a bit of time answering questions and addressing any concerns. The young adult has since graduated college, started a career and moved to a larger city where she is thriving and managing her diagnosis. Before Emily talked with her, she had fears and doubted she would be able to finish college and move away due to her diagnosis/condition. Emily is very attentive to what others seem to need even if they cannot always articulate their needs.”

The Spirit of Excellence Award recognizes employees within the scope of our organization who have demonstrated superb customer service, positive performance, involvement, respect, initiative and team member. If you received excellent care and/or service from a Methodist Health or Methodist Health Union County employee, nominate them for the Spirit of Excellence Award. Nominations can be submitted online at www.methodisthospital.net/SOE.