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Amy Robison, Spirit of Excellence - April 2018

Amy Robison, Spirit of Excellence - April 2018

Amy Robison, Clerk, Gastroenterology, assumed her current position on July 5, 2016, but was originally employed by Methodist Health as a Security Officer on August 16, 2004. She left for several years but returned to work as a Clerk at Methodist Family Practice in Morganfield in 2011, leaving again to attend Henderson Community College to pursue an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science, which she earned in 2013. Amy and her husband, Carl, live in Henderson.

She is the first face patients see when they enter the Gastroenterology area. Robison said, “I love that I have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Even if they’re not feeling well, I can hopefully make them feel everything is going to be okay. No matter what my day is like, to me it’s all about the patients.”

Of her coworkers, she noted, “They are wonderful; I am blessed! We all respect one another and lift each other up. We work well as a team. Even though we all have assigned jobs, someone is always there to pick up the slack and help when needed. Our doctors stand behind us 100 percent as well.”

Robison, who says she was humbled to be this month’s Spirit of Excellence recipient, added, “My goal is to be able to make a difference in this Hospital. I try to give everything I do 110 percent.”


“Whether it is in the hallway or in the office, Amy is the first one to stop and ask someone if they need any assistance. She does more than just her position/role. Amy recently helped to get a patient in a wheelchair to the front door and then into the vehicle.”

“Amy greets each person with a smile and usually says something to make them laugh. She will listen and help anyone. For the past two weeks, she has been doing the jobs of two employees while another employee has been out and has never complained. You would never notice because she never slows down. You can always count on her to jump in and help any way she can.”

"Amy always communicates with each person with a friendly tone and a smile. And you can bet she will tell you to have a blessed day on the way out. Regardless of the circumstances, she always keeps a cool demeanor and does the best to help the situation."

”Amy deserves this award. She is very kind and caring to our patients and is willing to work extra hours when short staffed. We are lucky to have her work in our area.”

The Spirit of Excellence Award recognizes employees within the scope of our organization who have demonstrated superb customer service, positive performance, involvement, respect, initiative and team member. If you received excellent care and/or service from a Methodist Health or Methodist Health Union County employee, nominate them for the Spirit of Excellence Award. Nominations can be submitted online at www.methodisthospital.net/SOE.