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Sylvia Holder - MH Quarterly Spirit of Excellence

Sylvia Holder - MH Quarterly Spirit of Excellence

Sylvia Holder, LPN, Centralized Scheduling, Patient Financial Services, has been a Methodist Health employee since February 26, 1975. Until transferring to her current position on February 11, 2002, she had worked as an LPN on the Surgical Nursing unit.

Her duties include answering the phone, scheduling outpatient procedures and handling pre-authorizations when required.

Holder has been a nurse for almost 50 years and was a nurse assistant for several years before that. “I have always had the patient’s best interest at heart,” she says, “I enjoy doing my part to get patients in here to find out what’s wrong with them and receive the care they need. That has always been my main goal.”

She lives on the north side of Evansville, so has crossed the bridge over the river more times than she can count. She married her childhood sweetheart and has two daughters and four grandchildren ranging
in age from 16 down to age five.

Holder feels very honored to be recognized and was particularly pleased to learn, as a quarterly award winner, she will be able to park close to the entrance for the next three months. “I have devoted a lot of love and time to this Hospital and have made many lifelong friends here,” she said. “It’s my home away from home.”

“Sylvia is very passionate on many things and truly understands what makes Methodist different is our caring spirit. She not only helped build the Meditech equipment for her department but has always been willing to go the extra mile for the benefit of us all.”

“Sylvia feels very deeply for our patients and considers her coworkers as family. She listens to our complaints, our struggles and truly cares for all of us. Our department wouldn’t be as functional if she were not there to give us a pep talk when we are down.”

“She has been and always will treat everyone who calls into our department with respect. Each call she takes under her wing and babies the situation until it is the outcome it should be. Sylvia’s knowledge is apparent and she has individually trained all of us to be better and do better.”

The Spirit of Excellence Award recognizes employees within the scope of our organization who have demonstrated superb customer service, positive performance, involvement, respect, initiative and team member. If you received excellent care and/or service from a Methodist Health or Methodist Health Union County employee, nominate them for the Spirit of Excellence Award. Nominations can be submitted online at www.methodisthospital.net/SOE.