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Methodist Health Union County Therapy Services adds HUMAC Balance and Tilt System

Methodist Health Union County Therapy Services adds HUMAC Balance and Tilt System

The HUMAC Balance and Tilt System is changing the way Methodist Health Union County Therapy Services is treating many of its patients. Thanks to funding received from the Methodist Health Union County Auxiliary, the Hospital completed the purchase of this unique system in August 2017.

John Deibler, PTA, Director of Therapy Services, said, “Our therapists received training from the creator of the program in order to properly utilize it to the system’s maximum capabilities. We are already utilizing this device to improve the overall quality of each treatment for the benefit of our patients.”

The HUMAC Balance and Tilt System, which includes the SciFit Function C3, the HUMAC Cube 360, and HUMAC Balance board, is used to treat patients with neurological and vestibular disorders, total joint replacements and those with other orthopedic diagnoses, including the back, core and other extremities.

Patient benefits include improvements in static and dynamic balance, weight bearing through phases of ambulation, and the ability to target areas that will make positive impacts in fall prevention. The HUMAC system includes 21 programs that allow therapists to challenge patients of all ages and with a variety of diagnoses and abilities. These programs can be used to determine and challenge a patient’s center of balance, weight bearing and balance deficits in all directions.

“One of the system’s best features is the real-time visual feedback, which helps patients challenge themselves while increasing compliance and motivation,” Deibler added. “Having a continuous visual aid also provides patients with a diversion from any increased discomfort that may occur, which improves overall tolerance.”

For more information on the HUMAC Balance and Tilt System at Methodist Health Union County, call 270-389-5170.

PHOTO CAPTION: Olivia Watson, Physical Therapy Assistant at Methodist Health Union County, demonstrates the HUMAC Balance System while participating with the ski component on the monitor, providing her with immediate feedback as she controls the individual on the screen through the course. This is to provide patients with dynamic challenges that are progressive as improvement is seen. The unit is capable of providing 21 different Feedback Displays according to the needs of the patient.