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Methodist Health recognizes volunteers during National Healthcare Volunteer Week

Methodist Health recognizes volunteers during National Healthcare Volunteer Week

In recognition of National Healthcare Volunteer Week, celebrated April 7-13, we are spotlighting volunteers from our Henderson and Morganfield facilities. In 2018, nearly 70 individuals served as volunteers at Methodist Health and completed 11,036 hours of volunteer work. Methodist Health would like to thank all of its volunteers who give of their time and talents to benefit our patients, family members and visitors.​

Volunteer Spotlight: Donna Goodwin Jewell

Donna Goodwin Jewell is a familiar face around Methodist Health in Henderson. After retiring from her position as Nurse Manager, NICU/Nurseries and Pediatries on November 1, 2014 after 35 years of employment, she soon realized she wasn’t the type to sit at home in a rocking chair.

“I came in to get a flu shot at the end of November and Sandy Blue, Coordinator of Volunteer Services at Methodist Health, asked me if I was ready to volunteer,” she recalled. “After the first of the year, I’ll consider it,” she told her. However, a vacancy in the Gift Shop led her to speed up the process of orientation and by January 2015 she was volunteering there one day a week and every other Friday.

On Monday mornings, she also volunteers as a Chemo Buddy in the area where patients are coming in for outpatient chemotherapy treatments. “It can involve getting patients blankets, wheelchairs, talking to them and doing whatever we can to help out the nurses and other staff, who are ecstatic to have the help.”

Donna has also recently begun serving as Methodist Health Auxiliary President. “I’m finding my volunteer work to be very rewarding and while I’m here, I get to see a lot of people I know,” she says. “I loved my working years as a nurse but now I have the freedom to help others while still having time to do other things I enjoy. I am in a Bible study group and a knitting group, too, so I’m staying as busy as I want to be.”

Thank you, Donna, for the difference you have made over the years and continue to make in the life of our patients and families.

Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Stevens

Linda Stevens says a stage 4 cancer diagnosis in 2005 contributed to her decision to begin volunteering at Methodist Health in Morganfield in 2008. “It had me down for quite a while,” she recalls, “but after I was better, I ended up selling a business I’d had for many years and needed to do something with my time. I was never the type to just sit around.”

The Gift Shop is where you’ll most likely find Linda volunteering four or five days a month. “I fill in for a lot of the others when they can’t make it, too,” she says. “I also take gift bags around to the patients and help out wherever I’m needed.”

Linda recalled one instance of being called upon unexpectedly to visit with a patient who had been diagnosed with cancer. “The lady’s daughters learned I was a cancer survivor and asked if I would come back and talk with her, which I was happy to do. Later I went back to pray with her.”

“If I can help someone in any way, that’s what I want to do,” she added. “I really just love volunteering here and would recommend it to anyone who has the time and desire to do so.”

Linda, a lifelong resident of Morganfield, will soon celebrate her 58th wedding anniversary with husband Jack. In addition to her volunteer work at the Hospital, she also is an active member of Henshaw Christian Church and has been a member of the Union County Homemakers for 50 years.

Thank you, Linda, for your willingness to make a difference through your caring and compassion for all those you encounter at the Methodist Health in Morganfield.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Methodist Health in Henderson, contact Sandy Blue, Coordinator of Volunteer Services, at 270-827-7413 or sblue@methodisthospital.net. Those who are interested in volunteering at Methodist Health in Morganfield may contact Shannon Clements, Administrative Coordinator, at 270-389-5051 or sclements@methodisthospital.net.