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Employee Profile: Kenny Wright

Employee Profile: Kenny Wright

Kenny Wright, Maintenance Director at Methodist Health in Morganfield since July 6, 2003, was hired on October 5, 1998, as a Maintenance Worker in Plant Operations. He had previously taught carpentry at the Earl C. Clements Job Corps Center and feels that he was led to the perfect job for him. “It was right up my alley,” he said. “This type of work has been something I’m good at. I enjoy working with my hands and repairing things.”

“The Methodist organization is a wonderful place to work. We’ve gone through changes in the past year or so, but Methodist has taken good care of its people. The Hospital is competitive with wages and has a team of people that work together well — all the things you would look for in a job. We all work to make a living but having a good atmosphere is important, too.”

Now that he has reached 20 years of service with Methodist Health, he looks back on the last two decades with a sense of accomplishment. “I take my job seriously,” he continued. “I do things like I would want them done for myself, whatever the task may be from changing a light bulb to repairing a piece of equipment.

“It gets hectic sometimes, but I have enjoyed working with hometown people and I’ve made lifelong friends. Over the years, work relationships have become like family relationships, not just here but also at the Henderson facility.”

His personal family is important to him as well. Wright, a lifelong resident of Morganfield, and his wife, Judy, have four grown daughters between them and 11 grandchildren with one on the way.