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Methodist Hospital receives 2019 Energy to Care Award

Tower buildingMethodist Hospital in Henderson is now the first Kentucky Hospital to receive the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) Energy to Care Award in consecutive years (2018 and 2019). This distinction is reserved for the select few healthcare facilities that reduce energy consumption by 10% in a single year or 15% over two years. Methodist Hospital is recognized for reducing their energy intensity by 20% compared to 2016 and is one of only two hospitals in Kentucky to receive this award in 2019.

To achieve and sustain these results, the Hospital continues to partner with Harshaw Trane to utilize advanced building analytical tools to proactively identify and correct system inefficiencies that can lead to increased energy usage and comfort issues. The sustainability efforts of the entire Methodist Hospital staff have created a culture of ongoing improvement that is reflected in their continuous energy performance gains. The Hospital’s high level of engagement, openness to new suggestions and ideas and willingness to partner has the facility on path for continued success.

“Our organization was proud to have won the Energy to Care award last year after our initial efforts to optimize energy efficiencies,” said Jack Hogan, Vice President of Ancillary Services at Methodist Hospital. “To sustain those improvements and build upon those successes for a second consecutive year is a tremendous achievement. It is a testament to the skill and dedication of our Facilities Management staff and the energy professionals at Harshaw Trane.”

In addition to the high-level engagement of the facility staff, the building equipment and controls are constantly being assessed and optimized to industry best practices. Some of those practices include:

  • Continuously optimizing the Hospital’s mechanical systems (chilled water, boilers, airside) to operate at their lowest energy consumption levels while still meeting the comfort needs of the facility
  • Using real-time building and energy data, facility staff can identify and correct system performance issues before they become major issues
  • The Hospital uses an OR critical dashboard that helps clinical and facility staff know if critical systems are operating effectively to meet code and patient needs

Key Impacts – Savings since 2017:

  • $371,189 in energy cost avoidance (since January 2017)
  • Reduction of 43,555 MMBtu total energy since 2017 (-20%)
  • 3,850,000 kWh – Electricity savings (-15%)
  • 300,000 CCF – Natural gas savings (-22%)
  • The energy saved equates to approximately 524 houses energy consumption for an entire year

“First and foremost, congratulations to Methodist Hospital on the award; it is quite an accomplishment to achieve this award two years in a row. In fact, there isn’t another Hospital in Kentucky that has done that before,” said Eric Delodder, Certified Energy Engineer at Harshaw Trane. “Continued energy performance improvement contributes directly to the bottom line, which helps the Methodist Hospital organization focus more resources into their core mission of improving the health of the people of their community. These efforts also further contribute to the well being of the community by reducing the environmental impact through reduced emissions,” said Delodder.

About Energy to Care
Energy to Care is an energy reduction program for health care facility management professionals who want to add value to their organizations through energy savings. ASHE is working hard to help members set and achieve sustainability goals. To meet this objective, ASHE created trusted sustainability resources that are specifically tailored for health care facilities. Visit energytocare.com to learn more about the program.