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Employee Profile: William H. Clapp, MD

Employee Profile: William H. Clapp, MD

Portrait of Dr. ClappWilliam H. Clapp, MD, a board-certified family practice physician, has practiced in Morganfield since 1980. His office with Methodist Family Practice is located at 1284 Hwy. 60.

Dr. Clapp can trace his interest in becoming a physician back to his teen years. At age 16, he was wounded when a friend’s gun accidentally discharged. The treatment he received in a Union City, TN, hospital had a positive impact on him. That experience, as well as having an interest in science, led him to pursue a medical career. He has seen many of the same patients for decades.

“Some of them who started coming to me at 40 are now 80, and experiencing a lot more medical problems. I’ve cared for their children and now their grandchildren. Others who I started seeing at 20 are now 60.”

The rewarding part of being a physician, according to Dr. Clapp is “seeing patients do well and follow my recommendations. I am happy when they are able to control their medical conditions.”

Being affiliated with Methodist Hospital has been a positive experience. He commented, “When we have a real need, the Hospital has always complied and been very supportive. It’s been a good place to stay put and be able to serve the community.”

Dr. Clapp and his wife, Lucille, a retired nurse, have been married since 1973. They met at a cancer research lab at the University of Kentucky, where she was a lab technician. The Clapps are the parents of two grown children and have two teenaged grandchildren who are attending Henderson County High School.