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Continuity Care

Making Healthcare More Accessible in Western Kentucky

Everyone deserves access to healthcare. Unfortunately, the cost of providing medical care often serves as a barrier between the community and their healthcare providers. The Continuity Care Clinic was created to help residents of Western Kentucky afford and gain access to the medical services they need. The Clinic accepts Medicare and Medicaid and can help patients apply for insurance through Kynect, Kentucky’s Healthcare Connection.

One of the Clinic’s main functions is to help residents establish a continuity of care with a medical professional.

The Importance of Continuous Healthcare

Many people think they only need to visit the doctor when they’re sick. However, it is more important that you establish a relationship with a healthcare provider who is familiar with your medical history. Staying up to date on your health and risk factors for conditions like cancer and heart disease allows your doctor to schedule health screenings and other tests that can prevent the onset of serious medical problems.

The Affordable Healthcare Act has made it easier for people to gain access to health insurance.. However, some people still have difficulty getting insurance and are worried that they will be fined or denied care if they admit this to a healthcare organization. Methodist Health's Continuity Care Clinic gives people an opportunity to not only get the care they need and when they need it, but also maintain a relationship with a medical team they trust.

To contact the Continuity Care Clinic, please call 270-831-7950.