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Corydon, Kentucky resident Mike Shelton receives treatment at Me

Corydon, Kentucky resident Mike Shelton receives treatment at Me

“It was a freak industrial accident,” said James Michael “Mike” Shelton, 64, of Corydon, KY, a tool and die maker at Prestige Tool & Die. A 2,200 lb. block of steel fell on his leg, hitting midway between his knee and ankle and then crushing his foot. An initial surgery was followed three weeks later by the amputation of two toes. 

“I started going to the Advanced Wound Healing Center three times a week,” he recalled, “since I had a Wound VAC that had to be serviced.” This type of therapy uses a vacuum-assisted closure that helps wounds to heal more quickly since the device decreases air pressure on the wound. It promotes the formation of granulation tissue — new connective tissue and microscopic blood vessels that form on the surface of a wound during the healing process. “One day a week, they would do debridement to get the dead skin off,” he said, “and change the dressings.”

Topher Edmondson, RN, WCC, Clinical Manager, Advanced Wound Healing Center, explained, “All the necrotic (dead) tissue in the wound has to be removed since it delays healing and increases the chances of infection.”

Shelton had one area that wasn’t healing which required another surgery. “We went back to using the Wound VAC on it and within four weeks it had healed,” he recalled. After four months in a wheelchair, he progressed to a crutch. Five months after the accident, he could start putting weight on the foot.

“In September, I went back to work part-time and could work full days again before Christmas.” Shelton credits his wife, Tammy, who helped care for his wound at home on the days he wasn’t at the Advanced Wound Healing Center, as well as Edmondson and the whole staff, especially Shannon Grass, RN, and Abbey Sailer, RN, WCC, for working with him on his healing journey. “They were with me the whole way and really took good care of me.”

The Advanced Wound Healing Center at Methodist Health is a member of the Healogics network of nearly 800 Centers and was recognized nationally with the Center of Distinction award for clinical excellence in 2016. In addition to hyperbaric therapy, treatments offered include negative pressure wound therapy, debridement, application of cellular-based tissue or skin substitutes to the wound and offloading or total contact casts.

For more information, call the Advanced Wound Healing Center at 270-631-2399 or visit www.methodisthospital.net/woundcare.

Photo Caption: Mike Shelton, left, poses in the Advanced Wound Healing Center at Methodist Health.