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To Make Your Registration As Easy As Possible!

First, thank you for choosing Methodist Health. We know you have choices and we appreciate you choosing Methodist Health for your healthcare needs.

When visiting the hospital for scheduled tests, procedures, or to be admitted to the hospital, please report to the Patient Registration department, unless you have been instructed by someone at the hospital to do otherwise. The Patient Registration department is located just past the lobby of the Elm Street entrance.

To ensure a smooth Patient Registration process, please bring the following:

  • Your current health insurance card and your spouse's, if applicable
  • All insurance forms, and paperwork, i.e., pre-authorization, benefit coverage, etc.
  • Many insurance companies require that you get certain healthcare services pre-certified or pre-authorized. Please check your policy or contact your insurance provider to ensure that hospital services are properly authorized.
  • Any papers your physician gave you, i.e., physician orders, or any other documents he may provide you related to the current tests, or admission.
  • Advanced Directive/Living Will documents if you have not already provided them to the hospital.
  • A list of all medications you currently take, plus a list of any food or medication allergies. (A form, called Personal Medication Organizer, can be printed to use for your medications in the Patient Forms section of this website.)

If your test is scheduled for a particular time, please arrive at the Patient Registration department at least 15 to 20 minutes prior to your scheduled test time.

At the time of admission we will:

  • Obtain or confirm patient and insurance information
  • Secure signatures on consent forms.

If you require a hospital stay, please leave money, jewelry and credit cards with a family member or leave them at home. Methodist Health cannot assume responsibility for loss of personal articles. If you do have valuables with you at the time of admittance, please send them home with a loved one.