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Safe Medication Disposal

MedSafe® Medication Collection Stations

Until recently, pharmacies were prohibited from receiving medications from the public. With limited options, individuals had been keeping old, expired or otherwise dangerous medications inside their homes. That is why Methodist Health in Henderson and Morganfield have installed MedSafe® Medication Collection Stations in its lobbies in order to better serve our communities. The stations provide a safe and secure way for individuals to dispose of medications.

The blue stainless steel collection receptacles have an inner liner that can be removed by a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) approved collector when it is filled and returned for proper disposal via incineration, rendering the pharmaceuticals non-retrievable. The Henderson Regional Hospital Foundation (HRHF) underwrites the MedSafe® project.

Drop Off Unwanted, Expired or Unused Medications Today

As a registered medication take-back facility, we have procedures in place to safely and securely receive medications that the public drops off in a MedSafe® Medication Collection Station. The organization then facilitates the delivery of these items to a destruction vendor. Methodist Health and the HRHF believe that participating in this community service is important for our community. This process will help ensure a safe, legal and environmentally friendly way to dispose of unused medications

Using the collection station is as easy as using a mailbox. Instructions are posted on the receptacle at each collection station.